Digital Social Care Fund

Digitising Social Care in Lincolnshire

All over the UK, local NHS organisations have joined forces with local councils, including Lincolnshire.

The Adult Social Care Digital Transformation Fund will support the adult social care sector to adopt digital social care records (DSCR), also known as digital care plans, to ensure care teams have the most accurate, timely information at their fingertips to provide outstanding care.

If you are a CQC registered Adult Social Care provider in Lincolnshire, the good news is it is easy to apply for funding from your local authority.

Need help on compliance? Visit our page dedicated to help you become CQC Compliant.


Lincolnshire Care Association

Are you:
• A CQC registered Adult Social Care provider?
• Part of the Lincolnshire NHS catchment area?
• Looking to take advantage of funding to buy a care management system?

If so, we have some great news – Carebeans can help you through the process of applying for funding from your local authority.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about switching to digital social care provision, please get in touch at or call 01925 386800



Each local ICS will have answered a generic set of questions posed by the Digital Social Care scheme for your local authority to answer.

Questions such as:

  • What are your local priorities?
  • What have you decided to spend the fund on?
  • What do care providers need to do to access the funding?

After reading through the answers supplied by your local authority, you will also be able to find the all-important contact details you will need to get the process started.

If your local authority is not listed, or you need some assistance, please contact the team at Carebeans who will be happy to guide you through the process or call 01925 386800

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