Mock CQC Inspection. From Carebeans and Inspired for Health.

Preparing you properly for your CQC Inspection.

A Mock CQC Inspection is a thorough inspection of your care industry organisation and follows the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) inspection methods.

A Mock CQC Inspection’s main focus is to highlight any issues within your organisation so that you can make any necessary changes and prepare fully for the CQC inspection proper.

About Inspired for Health.

Carebeans have teamed up with Inspired for Health to provide a Mock CQC Inspection to help our customers prepare for when their actual CQC inspection is due.

Georgina at Inspired For Health is highly qualified and completely independent, and with her vast knowledge and expertise within the care sector, is able to give a thorough and helpful inspection experience to any care business who wants to aim for Good or Outstanding.

The Mock CQC Inspection process is over 2 and a half days and can be done online or onsite if preferred, and will cover all the regulations, and help you to prepare for your next inspection.

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    Mock CQC Inspection Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does the Mock CQC Inspection last?

    The Mock CQC Inspection process is over 2 and a half days.

    Where is the Mock CQC Inspection carried out?

    The Mock CQC Inspection can be completed online or on site if preferred. Please just state your preferred choice at the time of making your enquiry.

    What happens during a Mock CQC inspection?

    Our compliance expert will carry out a thorough audit of the care service you provide against the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE). The Mock CQC Inspection will make sure that your service is safe, effective, caring, responsible and well-led.

    What happens once the Mock CQC Inspection is complete?

    Once the Mock CQC Inspection is complete, a full report will be made available together with any recommendations in relation to compliance and best practice to ensure you pass your CQC Inspection when it comes around.

    In addition, we can offer further support once the initial Mock CQC Inspection is completed.

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