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Over the last few months our healthcare industry Webinars have proved immensely popular, and we are continuing through this year and into next to help you and your care businesses get the best out of everything the care industry has to offer.

Listed below are some of our scheduled webinars, which will run alongside other subjects based around our Care Home and Domiciliary Care software systems.

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2022/2023 Webinars

August 2022:

Preventing constipation, and what to do if someone is constipated.

September 2022:

Maintaining independence and dignity.

October 2022:
Shortness of Breath

Supporting a breathless person, spotting emergencies.

November 2022:

Care planning for those with confusion.

December 2022:

Supporting service users to take medication.

January 2023:
Swallowing Problems

Signs of swallowing problems and how to manage.

February 2023:
Mouth Care

The importance of excellent oral hygiene.

March 2023:

Helping service users stay mobile, taking into account risk of falling.

[Next Webinar July]
Tuesday 26th and Thursday 28th July 2.00pm

Looking After Skin: Daily skin care and avoidance of pressure areas.

  • Pressure area causes
  • Skin checks
  • Daily skin care
  • Prevention of pressure areas
  • Suggested actions to support care plans

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