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Across the United Kingdom there are four main regulatory bodies for the care industry.


The CQC (Care Quality Commission) exists to independently regulate health and social care services across England. When inspecting service providers, the CQC will look at five key areas, and these are whether your service is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

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The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)
The RQIA is the independent body responsible for monitoring and inspecting the availability and quality of health and social care services in Northern Ireland, and encouraging improvements in the quality of those services.

RQIA registers and inspects a wide range of health and social care services. Their inspections are based on minimum care standards which will ensure that both the public and the service providers know what quality of services is expected.

RQIA also has a role in assuring the quality of services provided by Health and Social Care (HSC) Board, HSC trusts agencies, to ensure that every aspect of care reached the standards laid down by the Department of Health, and expected by the public.

Under the Health and Social Care (Reform) Act (NI) 2009, RQIA undertakes a range of responsibilities for people with a mental illness and those with a learning disability.

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The CI looks at the quality of care in Scotland to ensure it meets high standards. Where they find that improvement is needed, they support services to make positive changes.

Their role includes:

  • Provide assurance and protection for people who use services, their families and carers and the wider public
  • Play a key part in improving services for adults and children across Scotland
  • Act as a catalyst for change and innovation
  • Promote good practice.

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The CIW are the independent regulator of social care and childcare in Wales. They register, inspect and take action to improve the quality and safety of services for the well-being of the people of Wales.

Their role includes:

  • Carry out functions on behalf of Welsh Ministers to provide assurance on the quality and safety of services
  • Decide who can provide services
  • Inspect and drive improvement of regulated services and local authority social services
  • Undertake national reviews of social care services
  • Take action to ensure services meet legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Respond to concerns raised about social care and childcare services

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