Digital Staff Rota Planning

Staff Rota Software

Including Time & Attendance, Payroll Management, HR and Training Tools

Managing rosters for your staff is an essential element of running a successful business – no matter what industry you are in, and our Staff Rota Planning System is aimed at making sure all the usual pitfalls of setting up a rota for your staff are avoided, keeping the management of your staff simple and cost-effective.

WHAT’S INCLUDED? Staff Rota Planning • Time & Attendance • Payroll Management • HR Tools

Staff Rota Planning Software

Our Staff Rota Planning Software is available as a standalone staff rostering system as well as being available as part of our comprehensive Care Management Software system.

  • Build staff Rosters in Minutes
  • Manage Shift Patterns
  • App for Staff Members
  • Staff Roster Allocation Rules
  • Staff Shift Availability
  • Fill Empty Shifts Easily
  • Staff Shift Flexibility
  • Roster Wizard
  • Plus much more...

Time & Attendance

Our Time & Attendance system comes with  web-based administration which links to a tablet-based booking-in and out system.

Utilising off-the-shelf equipment running costs are low, and the installation process is easy.

Seamlessly integrate the system with Carebeans’ Roster and Care Management systems for a comprehensive and streamlined experience.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Links into Carebeans Rostering
  • Extra functions available when linked to our Care Management system
  • Easily amend or add missed bookings
  • Set late and early thresholds
  • Report on time based on bookings
  • Highlight issues - such as booked in but not out
  • Uses off the shelf devices
  • Link to our Roster system to show shift details

Payroll Management

The Payroll software from Carebeans provides care homes and healthcare providers with a convenient way to handle every aspect of their payroll effortlessly.

With instant access to staff expenses, mileage reimbursement, monthly payroll summaries and much more, the payroll system from Carebeans is your perfect solution for your Payroll Management needs.

  • Hourly Staff (excluding salaried, agency, and volunteers).
  • Time & Attendance (T&A) approved hours for accuracy.
  • Holiday pay matched with entered holiday hours.
  • Overtime for hours beyond the contract
  • Non-Core Activity for specific short events (excluding long-term events like sickness or maternity).
  • Adjustment entries per pay period.

Staff Rota Software Introductory Video

Build staff Rosters in Minutes

Fully configurable built-in templates

Our Staff Rota Software means you can quickly and easily schedule the right members of staff to the correct roles and locations, at the right times.

Manage Shift Patterns

Base your shift patterns on zones and locations

Create bespoke shift patterns with ease for all areas of your business ensuring every single available shift is covered well in advance.

App for Staff Members

Shift volunteer and message system

Staff can download an app to view their working status:
• View their shifts
• View messages from management
• Request Holidays
• View Holidays
• Volunteer for Shifts

Staff Roster Allocation Rules

Automatically include or exclude staff members based on previously defined Employment Type, Skill Set, Work Certification, Roles and Hours, Location and Zone, Pay Rates, and much more.

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Staff Shift Availability

Fill all available shifts easily based on staff availability, skill set and location. No more worrying if you have the right people with the wrong skills on shift!

NEW Roster Wizard

An easy way to navigate around the system to create new rosters quickly and efficiently or amend existing rota templates – just click and go to the correct screen.

Staff Shift Flexibility

Allow staff to swap shifts with eligible team members without the worry of whether they have the correct qualifications – all via the dedicated Staff Rota app.

Time Tolerance

Control if a member of staff has an allowance of logging-in late, or logging-out early. Giving flexibility for both your management and staff.

Built-in Template System

The in-built shift template system allows you to create default staff rotas with different shift views based on day, week, or month. Drag-and-drop functionality means you can easily adjust shift hours, dates, zones and much more.

Fill Empty Shifts Quickly

The Staff Rota system from Carebeans comes with an app specifically for your employees.

Here your staff can see shift availability and can then volunteer to fill your shift gaps – all within the app.

• Staff can view shift availability
• Show shifts only to those staff members who fit the configured shift suitability settings. For example, available for weekend work only.

Time and Attendance Staff App

The Staff Rota system comes with a Time and Attendance app so staff can book in and out of shifts and work breaks remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff rota software is a way of simplifying every element of setting up staff work rotas, including eliminating shift gaps, filling shifts with staff who have the correct skill sets, the ability to allow staff to swap shifts with colleagues, sending out important messages to staff, and much more – all of which helps to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible as far as staffing issues go.

Basically, any business, no matter how large or small, regardless of industry, and who have a need to manage their staff shift patterns easily and cost-effectively can make use of our comprehensive staff rota system.

We pride ourselves on making sure all the systems from Carebeans are intuitive and easy to use. That said, we do of course offer full training as part of the set-up process.

Our dedicated Staff Rota software comes with an app included. This app is designed specifically for use by your staff. By installing the app on their smartphone, they can book holidays, volunteer for shifts, and much more

Yes of course. We provide a full demonstration of all our software systems. Just click here to arrange a demonstration or call a member of our team on 01925 386800 or book a demonstration here.

Yes! Our Time and Attendance system allows members of staff to book themselves in and out of shifts, record their working hours and receive alerts when they are due on shift. For more information about the Staff Rota system from Carebeans, or any of the other systems available, please call a member of our team on 01925 386800 and they will be happy to help!