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Domiciliary Care Software

Our Domiciliary Care Software provides the most flexible, fully integrated suite of software modules to run all aspects of effective domiciliary care for independent living in the United Kingdom. Using our software means you are without the burden of hard to use, disconnected tools and manual processes that have been the norm for the vast majority of service provider’s business operations.

Domiciliary Care Software

Our Domiciliary Care Software is designed to provide care for those who want independent living.

The Domiciliary Care software from Carebeans is designed to streamline and simplify the various tasks involved in providing home-based healthcare services. The system includes modules for scheduling, billing, client management, staff management, plus many other important functions required in Domiciliary Care.

Our software will allow you to provide your service users and families with:
  • Management and retention of carer teams
  • Ongoing care plan reviews and improvements
  • Flagging issues and trends before they become a problem
  • Help with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) status

Domiciliary Care Software Introductory Video

Domiciliary care software has numerous benefits that can help improve the overall efficiency of your home care agency. One of the primary advantages is that it simplifies scheduling and time management for caregivers, enabling them to easily keep track of their tasks and appointments.

Another significant benefit is improved communication between caregivers, clients, and family members. The software allows real-time updates on client status and progress, ensuring everyone involved in care delivery stays informed about any changes or updates.

With domiciliary care software, you can also enhance data management capabilities by automating data entry processes such as recording clinical information or medications taken by clients. This helps reduce errors in documentation while increasing accuracy levels.

Furthermore, by streamlining administrative functions like invoicing and billing through domiciliary care software system integration with accounting tools, you can save time spent on manual paperwork processing.


Investing in domiciliary care software provides an array of benefits including increased efficiency in managing schedules and task allocation for staff members; better communication between teams; enhanced record-keeping capabilities; streamlined administration functions leading to reduced costs over time!

The Key Features of our Care Home Software System

Home Care Planning Software

Comprehensive home care planning software for assessments and review management will enable you to produce exceptional person centred plans and care evidence trails for CQC assessments.

Mobile Home Care App

A simple yet comprehensive home care app that will ensure your carer has all the details they need to deliver exceptional care along with rigorous and explicit history recording.

Home Care Reporting

A comprehensive home care reporting suite which allows you to view billing and hours worked information as well as analysing how well you have delivered care and the trending of time spent with service users.

Easy, comprehensive, robust, secure, person centred care management systemOne system to run your entire domiciliary care business
Established and proven in small and large care organisations and groups in the UKBuilt and supported by a highly experienced company based in the UK
Uses CQC supported person centred care planning approachHelp meet regulations and key lines of enquiries / standards
Web based management and schedulingJust login and set up in minutes
Fully integrated mobile App for carersCarer is, and feels, fully connected whilst getting the information they need, when they need it
Dynamic visit schedulingOne-click, “drag and drop” schedule changes automatically sent to care team mobile apps
Configurable Family PortalAllow the Service Users’ family to see what they want to see in relation to the care provided to their loved ones
Online live training and video user guidesCost effective support to help you get fully operational in hours, not days
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Operations Management

A dynamic operations dashboard will enable you to monitor job completion and resolve any issues quickly and effectively whilst providing a full audit of activity.

Visits and job scheduling

An easy to use ‘drag and drop’ scheduling process will reduce your administration time and allow you to create efficient, easy to change schedules and job runs.

Care recording

Record comprehensive details about your service users to ensure you have a complete history and profile so that you can offer personalised care.

Temporary Inspection Log-in

Inspector’s can be given a temporary log-in to access the information they need to do their job, without being able to see any data that is not directly relevant to the task in hand. In these Covid times, the Inspector can do this remotely without needing to conduct a site visit for this part of their inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We believe we have created the most comprehensive domiciliary care management system on the market today.

We cover the whole care process from customer take-on, advanced care plans and visit management through to detailed observations management and meds recording all in one, easy to use system that puts you in full control of the care you provide.

Our domiciliary home care system enables you to evidence the support you are giving is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led in line with the Care Quality Commission Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE’s).

Not only do we manage the care, we manage the finances with fully configurable invoicing and payroll extracts.

To complete the end-to-end functionality, we include a family portal for loved ones to keep up to date with the great services being provided.

No, the system is completely web based for the administration and management teams. All you need is a computer or device with Google Chrome web browser and carers use the app on their mobile phones.

We are a fully digital solution which means technically you do not need paper. However some of our customers still require a paper “care pack” to be left in the service users home. All the data required to create these paper packs is contained within the system and can be printed out at any time.

The Domiciliary Home Care Software is owned by Carebeans Limited. We are a UK based care software design and development company, that is challenging the norm with software created from the ground up for ease of use and all the functionality needed to run both care home and domiciliary care businesses. We have 100’s of customers using our software supporting 1,000’s of service users with 1,000,000’s of data transactions daily.

We have a monthly subscription model for the licencing of our software based upon the number of Service Users you care for.

There are no “hidden” charges for the number of carers or administrators you have in the business.