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Supported Living Software

Supported Living software is a crucial tool that helps people who need special care to remain independent and live their desired lifestyle. The Supported Living software from Carebeans can be used to manage finances, keep track of appointments, and schedule activities. It can also help with communication and social networking.

Supported Living software

Providing people with the care and support they need to lead independent, fulfilling lives.

Supported living can make a big difference to an individual’s quality of life. It can give them more control over their lives and help them to develop new skills and interests.

Our Supported Living Software was created because we believe that great technology can facilitate a progressive transformation in the care outcomes we wish to achieve for everyone.

  • Reducing your administration
  • Providing evidence based reporting to demonstrate leadership and safe and effective care
  • Empowering your carers to provide high levels of care by providing the right information
  • Delivering safe and effective care using comprehensive care plans and targeted care feedback
  • Reducing the complexity of technology through our web based end-to-end solution and simple apps – backed by flexible technology with rigorous security

Supported Living software complete with Staff Management, Scheduling and Rostering solutions.

Our Staff Rota Software with Time and Attendance is included in our Supported Living software system, allowing you to quickly and easily schedule the right members of staff to the correct roles and locations, at the right times.

Manage Shift Patterns

Create bespoke shift patterns with ease for all areas of your supported living service, ensuring every single available shift is covered well in advance.

The Staff Rota system comes with a Time and Attendance app so staff can book in and out of shifts and work breaks remotely.

App for Staff Members

Staff can download an app to view their working status:
• View their shifts
• View messages from management
• Request Holidays
• View Holidays
• Volunteer for Shifts

Time and Attendance Staff App

The Staff Rota system comes with a Time and Attendance app so staff can book in and out of shifts and work breaks remotely.

eMar Integration

The eMar system replaces the traditional paper-based system of medication administration records, which can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and difficult to track. With an eMar system, caregivers can easily access medication records and ensure that medications are administered on time and in the correct dosage.

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Configurable Family Portal

A family portal offers a range of information that can be viewed by individuals’ loved ones. This includes details on medication, activities completed during care visits, and any additional notes made by the carer regarding changes in habits or health.

Service User Management

Access all service user details in one place from their personal profile, including:

  • Pre-Admission/History
  • Contacts and Family
  • About Service User
  • Interests
  • My Life History
  • Photographs
  • Personal Inventory
  • Allergies
  • Documents
  • Record Absences

Training Management

Keep track of all training records for your Support Workers with our searchable Training Management system:

  • Courses taken, scheduled or missed
  • Set training alerts when course work is due
  • Log the number of training hours
  • Upload reference training data

Support Worker Management

The Support Worker Management feature means you can keep all important records about your workers all in one place:

  • Employment Documents
  • Agency Information
  • Holiday and Absence Records
  • Compliance Checklist
  • Training Requirements and History
  • Qualification Grades
  • Temporary Inspection Log-in

Operations Dashboard

A single, safe place for all records and plans for your service users – all in one easy-to-use Operations Dashboard

  • Alerts
  • Medications
  • Actions
  • Action Issues
  • Care Plans
  • Handover
  • DoLS
  • Incidents
  • Family Share
  • Weight Chart
  • Fluid Chart
  • Temp Chart
  • Bowel Chart
  • Physical Interventions

Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Living is a type of housing and care provision for people with support needs. It is designed to enable people to live as independently as possible in their own homes, within their local community.

The main aim of supported living is to provide people with the care and support they need to lead independent lives. This includes help with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping, as well as personal care such as washing and dressing.

Supported Living can also provide access to social activities and opportunities to develop new skills.

Supported Living is for people who need extra help to live in their own homes or in the community. It is for people who want to live as independently as possible but need support to do so.

This support can be from family, friends, carers or paid staff. People who may need supported living include:
• People with learning disabilities
• People with physical disabilities
• People with mental health needs
• People with autism
• Older people

There are many benefits to supported living for both the individual and their carers.

Supported Living can help people with disabilities to lead more independent lives, remain in employment and access education and training opportunities. It can also provide respite for carers and families, and reduce social isolation.

Supported Living can make a big difference to an individual’s quality of life. It can give them more control over their lives and help them to develop new skills and interests. For many people, supported living is a first step towards independence.

Supported Living can also benefit carers by giving them a break from their caring role, and reducing their stress levels. In some cases it may even enable carers to return to work or study.

Absolutely! We believe we have created the most comprehensive Supported Living Management System on the market today.

We cover the whole care process from customer take-on, advanced care plans and visit management through to detailed observations management and meds recording all in one, easy to use system that puts you in full control of the care you provide.

Our Supported Living system enables you to evidence the support you are giving is safe, effective, caring, responsive and well led in line with the Care Quality Commission Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE’s).

Not only do we manage the care, we manage the finances with fully configurable invoicing and payroll extracts. To complete the end-to-end functionality, we include a family portal for loved ones to keep up to date with the great services being provided.

No, the system is completely web based for the administration and management teams. All you need is a computer or device with Google Chrome web browser and carers use the app on their mobile phones.

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We are a fully digital solution which means technically you do not need paper. However some of our customers still require a paper “care pack” to be left in the service users home.

All the data required to create these paper packs is contained within the system and can be printed out at any time.


The Supported Living Software is owned by Carebeans Limited. We are a UK based care software design and development company, who are challenging the norm with software created from the ground up for ease of use and all the functionality needed to run a safe and compliant social care company.

We have hundreds of customers using our software supporting thousands of service users with over a million data transactions daily.


In short, yes!

We provide both management and carer training before you go live with the system, and provide ongoing support while you continue to use our system.

We provide free system updates and new releases over the life of your account with us, which add functionality and streamline the system.

We have a dedicated Nurse Advisor who can help if you need specific Nursing advice.

We are here to help and support you and will do what we need to make sure you get the best out of the system.

Support is via phone and email/ticketing system and is in operation 24/7, 365 days of the year. We are here for you when you need us.


We have a monthly subscription model for the licencing of our software based upon the number of Service Users you care for.

There are no “hidden” charges for the number of carers or administrators you have in the business.

Yes. If you purchase the hand held devices from us they will include the care app, which will allow for seamless care recording in the event of a power cut or wi-fi outage.

We offer 99.9% access to the server across the year. We provide support 24/7, 365 days of the year, and we continue to update and add functionality to the system.

This is all part of the ongoing subscription fee and there are no hidden charges.

We have complete faith that you will be happy with the Supported Living Software, which is why we do not lock you down to any lengthy contract.

It is a simple 30-day notice period. So, if in the unlikely event that you wish to leave us, you simply need to provide us with 30 days’ notice and you will receive all your data in a readable format.

Your data will then be wiped completely from the server in line with GDPR guidelines.