Who is Eligible for Funding?

The Adult Social Care Transformation Fund is a significant investment to support the transformation of adult social care services across England. But who exactly is eligible for this funding?

The fund has been designed to support local authorities and their partners in delivering integrated care systems (ICS) initiatives. This includes voluntary sector organisations and NHS trusts.

If you are a CQC registered Adult Social Care Service Provider in England, then you are eligible to apply for funding.

To read more about CQC compliance, click here [internal link].

When applying, you may be asked to fill in a short survey or asked what your local priorities are and what you have decided to spend the fund on.

It is important to note that not all ICSs will provide funding for the same sectors within adult social care provision.

For example, some may emphasise the need for you to focus on sensor-based falls and to utilise Technology Enabled Care (TEC) to identify people at risk and prevent falls for those at risk. Others will insist that you must use a company who are on the NHS Assured Supplier list (like Carebeans!) [external link]

Each ICS region will have a dedicated team of people ready to help with your funding enquiry and all will outline their requirements you must fulfil to receive funding.

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