Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance software for recording staff working hours.

Currently under development is our Time and Attendance software which allows you to record the working hours of your staff. Fully integrates with the staff rota software and care planning systems to provide full visibility and reduction of duplication.

Carebeans Time & Attendance Management Software PC Screen

Time and Attendance Software that can be fully integrated with our Care Planning and Domiciliary Care Software systems.

Fully integrated with care system – just switch it on and set up in minutes

Simple but robust low cost option

Tablet – enter PIN code, take picture – book in/out

Biometric options planned for near future

Integrates directly into care system – restrict access until logged on

Links to shifts or other non-duty activities, such as training

View, edit and add records from the console – fully audit logged


Planned integration with payroll – with editable payroll records

Planned visitor logging

Record timings.

Using a wall mounted tablet the employee can book in and out. Safeguards are utilised to avoid spoofing.

Review and administer.

Booking in and out transactions can be viewed in real time. The manager can make time amendments or add booking in and out transactions.

Employee mobile application.

The employee can see all booking in and out transactions on their mobile app.

Fully compatible with our Domiciliary Care and Care Home Software – our software systems for independent living and care homes. All are developed by Carebeans for complete ease of use.

Easy to install and with free training, our Time and Attendance system for recording staff working hours integrates with our other care systems for full visibility and reduction of duplication.

Time and Attendance Log in Screen
Time and Attendance Log-in
Time and Attendance Face Recognition
Time and Attendance Booked Out Confirmation
Time and Attendance Booked In
Time and Attendance Book In
Time and Attendance Booking In
Time and Attendance PIN Entry