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Our mobile care software helps to monitor the wellbeing of your residents.

What is mobile care software?


Mobile care software is exactly as the heading suggests. Care software for your mobiles.

The range of products from Carebeans  are browser based, meaning our care software can be accessed from any digital devices. So, if you have desktop or laptops already within your service, we can simply add the system to those for you – free of charge.

However, where our mobile care software really comes to life is when it is installed on mobile telephones and tablets – the services of your carers are then literally carried around with them.

With everything linked to our secure, cloud-based servers, your carers have instant access to your resident’s information, so they can deliver their care safely and accurately in a paperless, efficient manner, following pre-defined individual care plans.

Also, because you get the same system on the hand-held devices as on desktops and laptops – everything is instantly familiar to the user.

The hand-held devices can be purchased through us and will be secure and locked down, meaning no other apps can be used on the devices.

However if you wanted to provide your own devices, we can add the browser-based systems to them for you – also free of charge.

Mobile care software helps care service managers and carers.


With a centralised system of data storage, care service managers can have access 24/7 to all of the care being administered throughout their care service at the touch of a button.

This is invaluable for service managers, along with the carers to monitor the service users’ health and wellbeing:

  • All staff use a familiar interface
  • Single access point
  • Instant-access care charts
  • Internal messaging system
  • Staff rostering
  • Financial records.

The Carebeans range of products consists of:

Care Planning System for care homes
Domiciliary Care Software
Staff Rota Software
Time and Attendance software

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