Digital Social Care Records Assured Supplier List

Digital Social Care Records Assured Supplier List

Carebeans were accredited to the Digital Social Care Records Assured Supplier List (previously known as NHSx Assured Suppliers List) in October 2022, but what is the Assured Supplier List, and what does it mean for your social care provision?

The short answer is simple – it’s all about:

  • Solutions that are robustly tested to high quality and compliance standards…
  • …and funding – substantial grants are available for care providers buying solutions from software providers on the Digital Social Care Records Assured Supplier List

NHS England has been instrumental in creating this listing.

Why was an Assured Supplier List set up?

The switch to digital social care systems has been underway for the last 20 years, so the idea of the Digital Social Care Assured Supplier List was to provide a central list of social care companies who have had to pass a rigorous selection process.

The process involves:

  • showing a provider can deliver against national specifications
  • that their solution meets an expansive set of core capabilities
  • that their financial position is stable.

The result is that when purchasing a system from companies on the Assured Supplier List such as Carebeans, social care providers can be certain that they are buying from a company who has been assured at the highest level.

The Carebeans Social Care Management System

The development team at Carebeans worked extremely hard to earn accreditation status, and it means that you can be confident that not only does our social care management software provide the functions and facilities you need today, but with our constant ongoing development, you will also be covered for the future.

So, there has never been a better time to begin the switch to a digital care management system from the assured supplier list, and we know at Carebeans we can provide you with the most comprehensive care management system available.

What is the idea behind the DSCR scheme?

According to a recent Government report only 45% of social care providers have any form of digital care records, and the goal of Digital Social Care Records is to help organisations move away from paper-based systems and onto an electronic care plan, electronic care record or electronic care management system.

To help speed up the process, in June (2022) an initiative from the UK Government and the NHS announced that £25m would be made available during 2022/2023 to support CQC registered adult social care providers to adopt technologies that can transform the care they provide to end users.

Digital Social Care Records Assured Supplier List Funding – how to get it

The fund will support the adult social care sector to adopt digital social care records (DSCR), also known as digital care plans, to ensure care teams have the most accurate, timely information at their fingertips to provide outstanding care.

If you are a CQC registered adult social provider, the good news is it is easy to apply for funding from your local authority.

Need help on compliance? Visit our page dedicated to help you become CQC Compliant.

To begin the funding process, visit Digital Social Care Funding Opportunities and select your region. Please note that at the time of writing, regional information is being added regularly, so if you can’t find your area keep checking back.


When you have found your region, you will see a generic set of questions posed by the Digital Social Care scheme for your local authority to answer.

Questions such as:

  • What are your local priorities?
  • What have you decided to spend the fund on?
  • What do care providers need to do to access the funding?

After reading through the answers supplied by your local authority, you will also be able to find the all-important contact details you will need to get the process started.

If your local authority is not listed, or you need some assistance, please contact the team at Carebeans who will be happy to guide you through the process or call 01925 386800